Emma Email Marketing Software FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding Emma, UW-Platteville's email marketing software

Getting Started

Q:    Who do I contact for more information or questions?
A:     Marketing
Q:     How do I create an account?
A:    All accounts are created by the Marketing Department To request an account, email marketing@uwplatt.edu:

Q:    Where can I log into my Emma account?
A:    The URL to log into Emma can be found at www.myemma.com

Design and Publishing

Q:    How do I get a custom template for my account?
A:    To request templates with features like university colors built in and custom headers fill out the publications request at inmotion.uwplat.edu 

Q:    Is there someone who will help me proof my emails?
A:    Yes, just send a test email to marketing@uwplatt.edu and let us know how soon you need it back. We can turn it around within a day for most emails.
Q:    What are the university web colors?
 University web colors  
            UW-Platteville blue  #0067B1
            UW-Platteville orange  #FE7311
 Secondary web colors  
            Dark blue
            Light blue
            Dark grey
            Grey  #787878
            Light grey
      Highlight blue #BBD5E7
      Medium blue  #00447C

Support and Training

Q:    If I cannot log in, what do I do?
A:    Contact the Marketing Department at 608.342.1197 or marketing@uwplatt.edu.

Q:    Where do I go for help with Emma?

A:    If you are having an issue with Emma:

Q:    Where do I go for help and training?
A:    You can contact Marketing  at 608.342.1197 or marketing@uwplatt.edu or Emma provides numerous free resources:

Any questions, concerns, or technical issues should be directed to Marketing  at 608.342.1197 or marketing@uwplatt.edu.