Accounts - Account provisioning for employees

Account provisioning and disablement schedule for UW-Platteville employees

Beginning of Employment

An employee's account is created up to 90 days prior to the employee's official start date as entered into HRS by Human Resources. When an account is created, an Office 365 email address and an online storage home directory (J:\) are automatically provisioned. For faculty and instructional academic staff, PASS access is automatically granted when an instructor is associated with a course. Any additional access, e.g. to S:\ folders and printers, must be requested by the supervisor through the ITS Help Desk. 

End of Employment

A separated employee's account remains active for 60 days after the last day of employment as entered into HRS by Human Resources*. During those 60 days, the separated employee retains access to email, network storage (J:\ drive, S:\ drive, etc) and all applications they have access to except PASS. See below for tips on "Preparing for account disablement".

*NOTE: Exceptions to this rule are handled on a case-by-case basis.


A separated employee's access to PASS ends on their last day of employment as entered into HRS by Human Resources.  Exception: Faculty and advisors maintain their PASS access for 60 days past the last day of employment like their email and network drive access.  

Free Microsoft Office applications will also expire

If you have downloaded any of the free Office applications associated with your UW-Platteville Office 365 account, these too will expire when your account is disabled. UW-Platteville has no control over the exact date of software expiration. 

Before your account is disabled, you may want to check out the WISC Software Catalog (includes Microsoft) to purchase software at discounted prices. NOTE: This software is only available to purchase while you are an active employee. Find details at

Supervisors: Removing access

Supervisors are responsible for letting ITS know if they want employee access to other systems such as network storage and printers removed earlier than 60 days after the last date of employment.  
If there is an immediate termination (someone walked off campus), please contact Human Resources and request that access be terminated as quickly as possible. 

Preparing for account disablement

By planning accordingly, you can avoid missed email, lost files, and disrupted workflow. Before your account is disabled:

Permanent deletion

When your UW-Platteville employee account is disabled, your Office 365 account and its contents will be deleted. After 18 months, your UW-Platteville account is permanently deleted along with the contents of your home directory (J:\).

If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.