Storage - Data Storage Guidelines

The number and types of storage options available to Pioneers is increasing. With these options come questions regarding content, security, reliability, and access. Following are guidelines for whether and where to save University data.

Should I save my data?*

 If you are not working with University records, then the first question you should ask when working with data is, “Do I need to save the data?” 

If you need to save your data, does the data need to be shared with others?

* Employees, when determining if data should be saved, be mindful of the University of Wisconsin System Administration (UWSA) guidelines for management and retention of public records. For more information, see the Records Management resources available at the UWSA website.

Where should I keep my data?

A common rule of data reliability is, if a file does not exist in two places (network storage being one of them), it does not exist at all! ITS does not recommend using “local (desktop)” or “removable media (like a flash drive)” for anything other than personal and/or low-risk data (information that would not put you in jeopardy if found, or would not be missed if lost). You are responsible for your own data, whether it is personal or work-related. 

Where can I store my data?

  Campus Network Storage - Personal
Campus Network Storage - Department/Group
 Cloud Storage
Storage Options
USER1 (J:\)SHARED1 (S:\)
ACAD1 (K:\)
Microsoft OneDrive

Do not use for official UW-Platteville docs; UW-Platteville cannot guarantee security of data. Please refer to “terms of service” for OneDrive.
 Accessible Off-campus
Yes Yes
 Automatic Back Ups
 Yes Yes Yes; technically it is possible for Microsoft to retrieve lost data; however, it may not be a priority for them.
 Ability to Share
No Yes; proper permissions requiredSharing is limited to individuals with UW-Platteville email addresses


Campus Network Storage

Network storage on campus is protected by your username and password making it significantly more secure than other storage options.


UW-Platteville’s network storage is the ITS-recommended location for important data files related to UW-Platteville.  USER1, or the J drive, offers 5 GB of space for storing personal data.  The major benefit of using this storage is that it is automatically backed up on a regular basis.  We take care of making the second copy for you.  In the event you accidentally delete something, you can restore the file yourself by following the instructions at Storage - Restoring Files Deleted from a Network Drive .  Though we prefer customers use this as the primary method of recovering files, we can recover the document for you.  See our Restore from Backup Request web page for more details on making these requests.  We also create periodic disaster recovery backups in an off-site data center.

UW-Platteville network storage is available on or off campus and on mobile devices.  Additional documentation on how to use these features, please see additional ITS Knowledge Base articles.

Department or Group

It is possible to share documents by using a common SHARED1 drive folder.  These permissions are modified by ITS and can be adjusted to add and remove users as needed.  Requests to create shared space or grant access to an existing folder should be sent to the ITS Help Desk. Permission to existing folders must be requested by the folder’s owner.

What if I opt to store data on my university-issued local drive/desktop, and then I get a new computer?

Before the new device arrives, you transfer any personal or low-risk data to a flash drive.  Instructions for Storage - Back Up Files to a Flash Drive  are posted in the ITS Knowledge Base. University data that is high-risk or sensitive should be saved to the appropriate campus network storage drive.

UW System Resources

If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.

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