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Web: WYSIWYG (Rich Text) Icon Gallery

These are the options available on the WYSIWYG (Rich Text) Editor and their corresponding icons. WYSIWYG stands for "What You See Is What You Get" and is the current text editor used by the UW - Platteville website.

 Maximize  Maximize - Causes the WYSIWYG editor to occupy all available space on of the browser window

SelectAll  Select All – Selects all of the available content in the editor

Cut  Cut

Copy  Copy

PasteAsPlain  Paste as Plain Text – To paste any copied text to the editor as plain text without any formatting

PasteFromWord  Paste from Word – To paste any copied content from Word with the formatting used in Word

SpellCheck  Spell Check – Will check the spelling of words as you type

Undo  Undo

Redo  Redo

Find  Find – Finds given text in the content.

Replace  Replace – Replaces specified text with given text in the content

Table  Table – Allows for the insertion of varying table styles

InsertSpecialCharacter  Insert Special Character – Provides special character which are not on the keyboard

Link  Link – Opens a dialog box to set a hyperlink on selected text

Unlink  Unlink – Removes any hyperlink from selected text

Anchor  Anchor – Sets an anchor on selected text, to be used for navigation

Formatting  Formatting – Allows the selecting of given format types

Styles  Styles – Offers types of styles that can applied to text

Bold  Bold

Italics  Italics

Underline  Underline

Strikethrough  Strikethrough – Places a horizontal line over text

Subscript  Subscript

Superscript  Superscript

ClearFormatting  Clear Formatting – Clears any existing formatting on text

Numbering  Numbering – Organize content using a numbered list

Bullets  Bullets

IncreaseIndent  Increase Indent

DecreaseIndent  Decrease Indent

JustifyTextLeft  Justify Text Left

JustifyTextCenter  Justify Text Center

JustifyTextRight  Justify Text Right

Justify  Justify

Source  Source – Shows the underlying html code of the content

InsertImage  Insert Image – Offers a dialog box to insert images into the content area.

InsertMedia  Insert Media – Offers a dialog box to insert various media types into the content area

ChangeTextColor  Change Text Color

HighlightText  Highlight Text

TextDirection-Right  Text Direction – Right – Text flows from left to right

TextDirection-Left  Text Direction – Left –  Text flows from right to left

HorizontalLine  Horizontal Line – Insert a horizontal line across the page

ShowBlocks  Show Blocks – Shows the html blocks that are styling the text

InsertDiv  Insert Div – Allows for the insertion of a div block to group content

InsertPageBreak  Insert Page break – Inserts a page break for a when text is printed

InsertIframe  Insert Iframe – Allows for an iframe to be inserted in to a webpage

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