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D2L: Creating Groups in a New Category

This article will go over creating groups with detailed instruction on how to set up drop-boxes, discussions, and lockers at the same time.

Steps to Follow:
  1. To access groups, navigate to the course you'd like to create groups in. On the navigation bar click Groups, or click More and then click Groups
  2. NavBar.png
    Access groups
  3. Click New Category
  4. New Category
    New Category Button
  5. Set a descriptive category name.  For example, Unit1 Groups or Project Groups describes the purpose of the groups.
  6. Add a description of what the groups will be used for in the description box.
  7. groups_creation1.png
    Category name and description fields
  8. Select the enrollment type. Depending on the type selected, groups can be created and assigned by the instructor, or by the students themselves. By default,  # of Groups - No Auto Enrollments  is selected. Here is a summary of the enrollment types available:
  9.  # of Groups - No Auto Enrollments - Creates a specified number of groups. Users are enrolled on the Enroll Users page.

    Groups of # - Allows you to set the maximum number of users in each group, and it creates the minimum number of groups needed to assign all users. More groups are created when they are needed to accomodate users.

    # of Groups - Use this option when you want the system to enroll users and you know the number of groups you want to created.

    Groups of # - Self Enrollment - This option creates the minimum number of groups needed to accommodate users in groups of a specified maximum size. Users choose the group they want to enroll in from the Groups < page.>

    # of Groups - Self Enrollment - Selecting this option allows you to create a specified number of groups for users to enroll in from the Groups page.

    # of Groups, Capacity of # – Self Enrollment - This option creates a specified number of groups with a specified number of enrollments allowed per group. Users choose which group to enroll in from the Groups page.

  10. Depending on the Enrollment Type you selected in Step 5, you will be prompted to enter the preferred number of groups, users, or both.

  11. Examples of options changing when Enrollment Type is changed
  12. Enter a prefix for the groups. This will add text in front of the group's "#" which will inform students what the group is. For example adding "Unit 1 Group -" will result in "Unit 1 Group - #".
  13. Tick the boxes for the features you'd like enabled within the groups. 
    • Discussion Areas: This option allows you to set up group-specific discussions with restricted access. When you click Save in the next step you will need to create or choose a selected form to create the discussions under. It is generally recommended that a new Forum is created so that it is more organized for the student.
    • Lockers: This will create an online storage place for students to store and collaborate on documents.
    • Dropbox Folders: This will create a drop-box that students can submit to. These drop-boxes can also be graded and receive feedback from the instructor.

    Example of a group option screen

  14. To create the groups, click Save . If you checked the boxes to set up discussion areas or dropbox folders, you will be prompted through creating them. If you checked the box to create lockers, D2L will set them up with no further action. See the instructions for setting up discussions and dropboxes below.
Setting up Discussion Areas:
If you checked the Set up discussion areas option when creating your groups, you will be prompted through the following steps to create them:
  1. Select an existing forum from the drop-down, or click on New Forum.
  2. CreateDiscussions.png
  3. If you selected New Forum, give your new forum a Title; and Description and then click Save.
  4. NewForum.PNG
  5. If you would like to create another forum, click Add Another . Otherwise, click Create and Next
  6. CreateRestrictedDiscussions.PNG
Setting up Dropbox Folders:

If you checked the Set up dropbox folders option when creating your groups, you will be prompted through the following steps to create them:

  1. Give the Dropbox folder a meaningful Name.
  2. Select a Category, or click New Category to create a new one.
  3. Select a Grade Item, or click New Grade Item to create a new one.
  4. Enter the number of points the dropbox item is worth in the Out of field.
  5. Student View Preview can only be set if the dropbox is associated with a grade item. If you would like to change how the grade is displayed, click the down arrow next to the fraction shown under Student View Preview, and then click Edit Display Settings.
  6. Create dropbox foldersDropbox options
  7. To associate an existing rubric, click Add Rubric. If you would like to create and associate a new rubric, click Create Rubric in New Window. For more information on creating rubrics,
  8. Instructions are optional, and they can be used to add reminders or additional instructions.
  9. Click Add a File or Record Audio to attach supplementary material.
  10. Dropboxfolder2.PNG
    More dropbox options
  11. Click Show Submission Options if they are hidden, and choose which option you would like from the following options:
    • Files allowed per submission
      • Unlimited
      • One file per submission
    • Submissions
      • All submissions are kept
      • Only the most recent submission is kept
      • Only one submission allowed
    Submission options
  12. If you would like to create another dropbox, click Add Another . Otherwise, click Create
If you have questions, please contact the DLC Help Desk at 608.342.1303, or 877.854.3083. You can also visit the DLC Help Desk's web page for information on hours of availability.

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