Perceptive Content - Using Tasks

A task is an assignment that is attached to a document within Perceptive Content to track duties that need to be completed. A “due date”, which indicates when a specific task must be completed by, can be assigned to a specific task. Upon completion of the task, a user will mark the task as “completed”. Once marked as complete, the task will no longer show as the users responsibility.

1.  First, you need to be able to see the Task in the document viewer.  To do this, go to “View” in the top toolbar, and select “Tasks” in the menu.

2.  On the left side of the screen, the “Tasks” window pane will appear.  This is where you will see your tasks that need to be completed.

3.  To make it easier to read, the divider between the document and the task pane can be dragged left or right to make the task pane bigger or smaller.

4.  The task pane is divided into two sections.  The top portion will show the instructions and if any comments have been put on that task. This is also where you will edit a task after completion.


5.  The bottom half will show you what tasks on this document are assigned to you, and give the corresponding information with said task.

6.  To view all the information associated with the task, you can use the scroll bar on the bottom on the pane to scroll left or right.


7.  Now, you will fulfill the task and sign the document. On the top toolbars you will see a blue capital “T”, right click on this to access your signature.  A menu will drop down, and you will look for “My Signature”.  Once located, left click on your signature and this will turn your cursor into a blue “T”.

8.  Now you can click to place your signature in your designated area on the document. Please be sure to place your signature in the appropriate signature box on the document.  Once you place your signature on the document, you can still move the text into the correct position in case you didn’t get it right where you wanted.  REMEMBER: No one can move, delete, nor duplicate your signature.  It is YOUR own signature!

9.  When the task is completed, simply double click on the task, and then click “Complete” above.  This will assign the task as completed, and it is no longer your responsibility.


10.  If the task was falsely assigned to you, or there is a problem with the document, you can return the document to the originator.

11.  To do this, double click the task.

12.  Then click the “Return” Button.

13.  A “Return Task” Window will appear. Now you can one of two things.  You can either click the “Reason:” drop down menu and select the following reason the document needs to be returned:

14.  OR, If those reasons do not pertain as to why you are returning the document, simply enter the reasoning in the “Comments:” box.  Then click “OK” and the document will be return the originator.


This completes working with the Tasks on documents.

If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.

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