Perceptive Content - Scanning, QA, Linking, and Putting in Workflow

How to scan, qa, link and put in workflow through ImageNow.

1.  Log into Perceptive Content.

2.  Load your documents into the scanner with the documents face down and top down.

3.  On the ImageNow Toolbar, find the “Capture” button.

4.  Click the drop down arrow to the right of “Capture” and select “Scanner Profile.”


5.  The scanner will then process the batch in the tray.  Once the batch is completed, the scanner will prompt you that it is out of paper.  Click the “Cancel” button, and both windows will disappear.

6.  The batch you have just scanned in is now in the “Batches Drawer”.  To begin this process click on “Batches” on the Perceptive Content toolbar.


7.  When the batches draw opens, you will see your documents that you scanned at the top.  Under the “Step” Column it will say “Scan”, and under the “State” Column it will say “Completed”.  If you do not see your newly scanned documents, click the green refresh icon in the toolbar above until your scanned batch appears.

8.  Once your document has appeared, double click on it, and now you are in the QA process. QA stands for “Quality Assurance”.   In this screen you can rotate, resize, annotate, apply a stamp, or rescan this page if needed.  If the page is acceptable and you can clearly read the document, click “Mark page as OK” in the top left action window.

9.  This is also the section where you’re going to add the “Received” Stamp to the document.  Simply go to the Annotate Toolbar above the document, click on the blue “T”, and then click on the document.  This will add the stamp to the document to show when it was received.


10.  Once you have selected that page as OK, the document will disappear.  You will now see that your document has changed within the Batch Drawer.  The Step will now be QA, and the State will now read Completed.  This means that the QA phase is completed and you are now onto Linking.

11.  Once again, double click on your scanned document to open it.  In the linking process, you will need to use Internet Explorer and log into PASS.  When logged into PASS, follow this route, Campus Community>Personal Information>Add/Update a Person.  This is where you will enter the student’s information to link it to their document. When you find the student, click their name, and you should be on the following page.

12.  Now, with both your ImagNow document and PASS open, you can link PASS to ImageNow.  On the Imagenow document, there’s two separate buttons to link.  One is located on the right side of the screen and is the little yellow key under the “Application Plan” window, and the other is located on the left side of the screen under the Batch Processing window and says “Link this page”.  Clicking either will complete the linking process.  You will notice that the document keys will be filled in with the appropriate information.

13.  Once linking is complete, you will need to select what type of document this is at the bottom of the properties window.  Simply click the drop down menu and select the appropriate type.  Once this is complete, click “Save this page” on the left menu.


14.  From here, the document will disappear and will be placed into the “DLC All Documents” Drawer.  To place the documents into a workflow, click on “DLC All Documents” in the left menu and then sort the documents by “Created” by simply clicking on Created in the column heading.

15.  The documents that you have just linked will now be at the top of the list.  To put them in a workflow, right click on the document and select “Add to Workflow”.

16.  From here the “Add to Workflow” window will appear.  Simply click the drop down arrow on “Select a Process” to choose which workflow the document belongs in, and then select which queue to put it in also.  (Michelle sent the scanners and linkers a list of where each type of document should be place.  If you have any questions on where documents should go please contact Michelle).  After both are correctly selected, click the “Add” button.

17.  This completes the process of scanning, QA, Linking, and adding the document to a workflow.

If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.

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