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Media Technology Services Service Level Agreement with WSUP

This document is the SLA between Media Technology Services and WSUP radio station.

1.0 Purpose of the Service Level Agreement (SLA)
This agreement is between Media Technology Services (MTS) and WSUP. This document is intended to enhance the working relationship between MTS and WSUP by creating a professional level of understanding and by setting common expectations. Both parties will make every effort to provide the necessary information and service at all times. Both parties agree to hold their staffs accountable to the procedures and expectations documented in this agreement. All parties agree to share plans and anticipated changes for information systems, facilities, resources, internal processes and staffing.

2.0 Scope of this Service Level Agreement
MTS supports the day-to-day operations of WSUP and engages other resources as needed. Standard services and support available are categorized as Desktop Support, Systems Operations, Infrastructure, Application Support, and Consulting and Procurement Services.

3.0 Responsibilities Related to this Service Level Agreement

Faculty Advisor:  Administrative over site; FCC compliance in cooperation with contract engineer; Schedule needed support with contract engineer; and WSUP student staff training.
WSUP Technical Operations Director:  Vet issues; Report to Faculty advisor; WSUP student staff training; and provide operations assistance to support staff.
MTS Engineers:  Hardware and software procurement and installation; hardware and software support and documentation; web streaming support; Computer-related project design and implementation; and PC to audio console software interfaces.
Contract Engineer:  Transmission issues and documentation; Production Equipment; and FCC Documentation.

3.1 Customer Duties and Responsibilities
  • Ensure WSUP is operating within FCC compliance
  • Ensure that staff is made aware of these and FCC policies and guidelines
  • Ensure that there are no unauthorized modifications to hardware or software by anyone other than Media Technology Services or the contract engineer.
  • Perform a level of problem “triage”, if possible, before contacting support staff and be able to provide a basic description of the problem or need.
  • Enforce internal compliance with these policies, restrict unauthorized access, and assist in protecting UW-Platteville resources. 
4.0 Support Hours
ITS offers computer and event support during its normal business hours, which are:
Academic year: 7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. Monday – Thursday, 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Friday
Non-academic year hours: 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.

After hours, Emergency services and support are provided seven (7) days a week, twenty-four (24) hours a day including holidays. During this period, MTS technicians are “on-call”.

4.1 Response Times
a) Any issue with WSUP production and broadcast equipment, computer hardware, computer software, computer networking, and web streaming will be reported to the WSUP Executive Staff.
b) The WSUP Executive Staff will access their training and support documentation, as well as personal operational experience, to determine if the issue is operator error or a problem requiring external intervention.
c) The WSUP Executive Staff will report issues with production and broadcast equipment to the Faculty Advisor or Station Manager, who then will contact the Contract Engineer.
d) The WSUP Executive Staff will report issues with computer hardware, computer software, computer networking, and web streaming in the following manner:
Send an email to the OIT Help Desk (
CC to the MTS Engineer
Subject line: WSUP + brief description of problem
Body: The name and telephone number of the operator experiencing problem. This will allow a repair technician to contact someone familiar with the details.
Body: Provide a detailed description of the problem including the device name, room name (PIT042A, B, D, or E), program name, date and time of problem, attempted remedies, error messages, and any other details.
e) The OIT Help Desk will:
Create an issue in the tracking system
Copy the entire contents of the email into the Description field of the issue.
Assign the issue to the appropriate support staff member(s).
f) The MTS Engineer will:
Respond appropriately to the issue.
Include other support staff members as necessary.
Communicate the resolution to the Faculty Advisor and update necessary documentation.
4.2 Incident Request Resolution Time
Service will be prioritized according to the Impact Level (the greatest impact to WSUP operations). If an individual/department/division does not receive a contact within the specified time for their Impact Level, please call the Director of Media Technology Services at 342-1628
 Impact Level  Explanation  Examples Initial Response 
Impact Level 1

 Broadcast or stream is halted or operating outside of FCC rules and regulations, critical component or operational system is down, affecting listeners, and no work-around exists.  Automation system malfunctions with no way for students to take “manual” control of station During Business Hours: Response within 1 hour

 After Hours: Best Effort
Impact Level 2

Non-critical components or operational systems are down or degraded affecting listeners, a work-around exists.  Automation system malfunctions but students can take “manual” control of station Response will be within 2 business days

No after hours contact
Level 3

Non-critical problem or requirement, little to no immediate impact to affecting listeners  Software update or client initiated changes requested  Response will be within 5 business days
No after hours contact

* Agreements for initial response time with outside contractors are not reflected in this document. This document only pertains to UW-Platteville employees.

5.0 Transmitter Shut Down
Due to the transmit antenna location on the roof of Pioneer Tower, there are times when facilities or campus contractors will need to be in close proximity of the antenna. In these cases, WSUP will need to be shut down. Facilities will notify WSUP and MTS staff of any events needing to power off the transmitter. WSUP staff will sign off and power down the transmitter from the control room. MTS staff will power down the transmitter from the transmitter room. When work is completed, MTS will power on the transmitter from the transmitter room and notify WSUP staff that they can resume broadcasting.

6.0 Planning for New or Improved Spaces

6.1 Evaluating Needs
On a yearly basis the Director of Media Technology Services (or their designee) will meet with advisor and station manager for WSUP to outline the main goals of the facility. In addition, the planning phase should address the ways in which new or remodeled systems will serve the ongoing and evolving needs of WSUP.
6.2 Budgeting
As the needs of the facility are identified, the Director of Media Technology Services (or their designee) will work with other campus departments to develop a project plan, budget, and timeline. The project plan may include outsourcing parts of the project. Outsourcing will only occur when current staffing does not have the expertise or time to provide this service. The project plan will then be presented to the advisor and station manager for WSUP for comments and approval.
6.3 IT Prioritization
Projects that meet one or more of the following criteria will need to go through the IT prioritization process for campus approval of ITS resources.
• Work requiring more than 24 hours (3 days of IT time)
• Cost greater than $5,000
• An existing project cost adjustment greater than 25 percent
• Work/impact broader than one campus department or equivalent unit
• Requires coordination across IT
• Involves standing up a new technology or expanding functionality of an existing solution

6.4 Installation and Project Completion
Media Technology Services’ staff will act as the project managers throughout the project. If outsourced vendors are used, MTS will be the liaison between student center staff and the installers. Once all equipment has been installed, MTS will perform any necessary equipment programming, system tests and final system checkout. At the completion of the project, MTS will inventory all equipment, secure it, and keep all the documentation. Training can also be arranged through MTS.

7.0 Changes to this Service Level Agreement
These guidelines for support will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Director, Media Technology Services, the Director of Information Technology Support Services, and the advisor of WSUP. If significant changes to these guidelines are necessary, these changes will be written into this SLA as needed.

Revised 1-29-16 ; CG

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