PASS - Verifying Student Attendance Instructions & FAQs (9.2)

Instructions for verifying student attendance at the start of the term

Due to the increasing need for accountability, the University is required to verify whether or not a student shows up at the start of the term.  Financial Aid needs this information in order to comply with federal regulations and limit our institution's financial liability.
To simplify the collection of this information, a special "grade" roster is available for your classes.  The roster is called "Attendance Confirmation." 
  1. After receiving the notice from the Registrar to submit Attendance Rosters, log into PASS and from the PASS Faculty/Advisor Homepage, select the Faculty Center tile.
  2. Confirm the correct term is selected at the top of the page.  If not, click Change Term, select the term and click Continue.
  3. Click the grade roster icon (instructor in front of white board)
  4. Please choose a 'grade' of YES if the student has attended at least once since the semester began or NO if the student never showed up for your class.  (See FAQs below)
  5. You can assign same grade to all students at once.  IMPORTANT - this is a four-step process:
    1. At the bottom of the roster, click Select All to check all of the boxes to the left of the students.
    2. In the drop down right below Select All, choose YES (since it's easier to change individual students to NO later).
    3. Click <- add this grade to selected students directly right of the drop down.  (This might take a few seconds to update all of the students.)
    4. Save.

Please submit this information as soon as possible but no later than the census date (10th day) each September. 

    Things to Remember 

    - If you have a roster with more than 20 students, some students may be on page 2.  To see all students, you can click View All at the bottom of the roster.
    - There is no need to change the 'Approval Status' on attendance rosters -- just saving is fine.

     Frequently Asked Questions about Attendance Rosters
     Q:  What if a student attended once but has missed class since?
     A:  For this report, submit YES.
     Q:  What if a student is attending but not on the grade roster?
     A:  If the student recently added, no further action is necessary.  If the student is not registered, please refer the student to the Office of the Registrar.
     Q:  Will attendance submission be required later in the semester?
     A:  No.  Whereas some states are requiring mandatory weekly attendance reports, we only need one submission at the start of the term.  
     Q:  Do these need to be completed for courses offered through Distance Learning?  
     A:  Yes, Distance Learning will now be using the Attendance Confirmation rosters.  Please watch for a separate email from DLC.  
     Q:  Do these need to be completed for courses which have not started?
     A:  For courses starting later in the term, do not submit a roster.  You should only submit for courses where you have actually seen the student in your class.
     Q:  Does this apply to Graduate Courses?
     A:  Yes, if you are teaching a graduate course for which the student has been physically present in your course, the submission of your roster will help with financial aid compliance. 

    Q:  My course is not offered through the Distance Learning program but the method of instruction is not face-to-face?  What should I do?
    A:  In any course situation, you should only confirm attendance on the rosters if you can verify that the student started the course.

    Q: How is this different from the Beacon alert process? 
    A: The Beacon process only collects concerns about individual students and it can be done throughout the semester.  The confirmation of attendance on the PASS rosters is for ALL students not just those for whom you have concerns.  
    If you have questions, please contact the Registrar Dave Kieckhafer at 608-342-1321 or send an email to if you have further questions.  

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