Recommended Settings for TurnItIn Dropbox in D2L

This KB article steps through the recommended settings for TurnItIn for a Dropbox created in D2L.

For information on enabling TurnItIn in your D2L course, see the TurnItIn in D2L video  [Text Script of video] or view KB Article: TurnItIn in D2L.

The UW-Platteville strategy for TurnItIn is to use it as a writing development tool for students. The following recommended settings for a TurnItIn-enabled Dropbox focus on allowing students to view the Similarity Score immediately so that they might improve and resubmit assignments before the due date.

These instructions apply to a new Dropbox with TurnItIn enabled. After the settings have been set and saved for your first Dropbox with TurnItIn enabled, these settings will repopulate for every new dropbox created in a course.

Setup TurnItIn Dropbox

  1. Create a new DropBox folder in Desire2Learn
    • Name the folder
    • Select category (optional)
    • Associate with grade item (optional)
    • Set Out Of point value (optional)
    • Save
  2. Restrictions tab  [Best Practice - set dates here to manage the TurnItIn dates]
    • Start Date - when Dropbox is open for student submissions
    • Due Date - date assignment is due [This will map to TurnItIn end date]
    • End date - date when Dropbox closes to additional student submissions [Note that TurnItIn has a 24-hour buffer to allow for submissions to go through the system]
    • Save
  3. TurnItIn tab  [see note below on Using TurnItIn as a Learning Tool]
    • Check Enable TurnItIn for this folder to use TurnItIn
    • **Check Allow learners to see TurnItIn similarity scores in their dropbox folder to allow students to see their originality score
    • Select Frequency to allow Automatic originality checking on all submissions
    • **Update GradeMark Available to Learners date to Now to make similarity score available to students upon submission
    • Save
  4. Click More Options in TurnItIn [a new window opens]
TurnItIn settings warning
    • Warning message is simply stating that some items have already been set by your choices for the D2L dropbox and are grayed out and cannot be edited now in TurnItIn (dropbox folder title, start and due dates, feedback release date). Doublecheck that the feedback release date/time has passed so that students can see their similarity scores as soon as they submit items to the dropbox
  1. Enter Instructions to accompany the Dropbox (optional)
  2. Select No for Allow submissions of any file type?  [The No setting allows that only filetypes that can be checked for originality can be submitted]    **Note that Yes could be selected if an instructor desired to have students submit images that they wanted to grade using the GradeMark tool or other non-typical uses of the tool, beyond Originality Checking
  3. Enter the Max Grade for the assignment [This would be the grade item maximum]
  4. Click on Optional Settings to show the additional TurnItIn settings [Some will be grayed out based on the original dropbox settings]
    • Allow late submissions? is autoset - reflective of the due date and end date in D2L
    • Compare submitted papers against the following sources - recommended to check all 3 databases for most robust check
      • Student paper repository [TurnItIn repository over 700 million papers globally]
      • Current and archived web content [Over 70 billion websites over last 8 years]
      • Periodicals, journals and publications [Over 120K partnerships with password-protected content]
    • Originality Report generation and resubmissions - Select Generate reports immediately (resubmissions are allowed until due date) to allow students to see their similarity scores immediately and improve their paper and resubmit before the due date.
The next series of settings can be set now, but also toggled in the Originality Checker tool while assessing an individual student paper. If the material is excluded, it is not factored into the Similarity Score.
    • Exclude bibliographic materials from Similarity Index for all papers in this assignment - Yes
    • Exclude quoted materials from Similarity Index for all papers in this assignment - Yes
    • Exclude small matches? - Yes   [TurnItIn is powerful and will pick up many matches]
    • Small match exclusion type - Words    [depending on size of the source, percentage could match a lot of content]
    • Small match exclusion threshold - 5 Words  [seems to be a good starting point; can be toggled individually]
Just a few more settings, and you will be ready to go:
    • Allow students to view Originality Reports?   -  was autoset in D2L Dropbox settings
    • Submissions to this assignment will be stored in: Standard Paper Repository [advisable to put papers in Repository so that they cannot be reused]
    • The Peermark settings can be set to Yes or No (PeerMark is not integrated into D2L)
    • Attach a rubric to this assignment -- TurnItin has its own rubrics that can be used with the GradeMark tool [Note this is completely separate from D2LRubrics] -- No rubric [until you have rubrics in TurnItIn]
    • Enable grammar checking using ETS e-rater technology?  Set to Yes for feedback marks for grammar and other writing traits in Grademark [can be toggled off for individual papers]
      • Select ETS handbook - Advanced
      • Select English Dictionary - US English Dictionary
      • Categories enabled by default - select feedback marks desired
Would you like to save these options as your defaults for future assignments?   Choose YES, and all new dropboxes will have these settings as the default and you will not need to set them again in future dropboxes. You will still have the ability to change them in future dropboxes, but these will be the default settings that you see.
  1. Click Submit

Using TurnItIn as a Learning Tool

The Recommended Settings allow students to both a) see their similarity score immediately and b) revise and resubmit. This philosophy of use allows students to be aware of and correct unintentional similarities in their writing with previously written documentation. The ability to look at the details of a similarity index and interpret the score effectively are skills that will help both teacher and learner in the process.

If you have questions, please contact the DLC Help Desk at 608.342.1303, or 877.854.3083. You can also visit the DLC Help Desk's web page for information on hours of availability.

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