Turnitin - How to add Turnitin to a Canvas assignment (Instructor)

Turnitin.com and the Turnitin Originality Checker in Canvas allow instructors to check student-submitted assignments against a database of existing journals, books and other written materials (both published and submitted by students)

TurnItIn Originality Checker has been integrated into Canvas as an external tool. When using this external tool, the originality checker can be added to any Canvas assignment resulting in an originality report associated with each student submission.

Turnitin should be added to the assignment when you create it; however, if an assignment does not yet have any submissions, you can edit the assignment and add Turnitin.

Set up a Canvas Assignment to use Turnitin Originality Checker

  1. Navigate to Assignments in Canvas or add an Assignment to a Canvas Module
  2. Select +Assignment and edit the Assignment
  3. Name the assignment and add assignment details
  4. For Submission Type, choose External Tool

Canvas Assignment window

  1. In the External Tool window that appears, enter the search term turnitin and click Find.

Canvas External Tool search window with turnitin typed in the search box

  1. In the Configuration External Tool window that appears, search for and select Turnitn LTI [do not select Turnitin Framework]
  2. Click Select

Configure External Tool window with TurnItIn LTI selected

  1. This External tool URL will now appear in Submission Type window: https://api.turnitin.com/api/lti/1p0/assignment
  1. Continue to edit the Canvas assignment details (particularly the due date and available to date).
  2. Click Save and the Turnitin settings window will display.
  3. If you need to edit the Canvas assignment details again, click Edit Assignment Settings to toggle back to Canvas.
Turnitin Assignment settings window

Setting up the Turnitin Assignment details from the Turnitin website can be used to customize the assignment further. Note that you will need to customize the settings for the first Turnitin assignment that you create, but can check the box when you are finished to save those settings as default for any additional assignments that you create.

Interpreting the Similarity Report

For more tutorials on using the Originality Checker, see the Turnitin Canvas LTI Instructor Support page