Using PeerMark tool at [Instructor]

Although not integrated into D2L directly, it is possible to use the Turnitin PeerMark tool to allow for peer evaluation of documents submitted to a Dropbox by accessing directly.

PeerMark is accessed directly at (both instructors and students).
The instructor and students must first obtain a password to use, see Accessing the website for instructions. 

In order for a student to have a TurnItin account associated with their UW-Platteville password, they must have previously submitted at least one paper to a TurnItIn enabled dropbox in D2L. To ensure that all students in your class have a turnitin account created before proceeding with the PeerMark assignment instructions, create a separate D2L dropbox, enable turnitin and require students to submit an assignment to that Dropbox.

Develop and manage a PeerMark Assignment at

The instructor will complete the following directly in the Turnitin web application.
  1. Create a class in Turnitin.
  2. Create a Paper Assignment.
  3. Create a PeerMark assignment.
  4. Distribute assignment for peer evaluation 
  5. Provide questions to guide student review.
  6. Students enroll in course submit papers and get assigned papers to review.
  7. Instructor views, comments upon and/or assesses student reviews.
Where an integrated assignment in D2L may be used for shortcuts in the Peermark process.

Create a class in Turnitin 

  1. Login to
  2. On the instructor homepage, click the Add Class button. Add class
  3. On the Class Settings page, add the following information
    • Class type -- Standard
    • Name for the class [this will be used to create an enrollment ID students will need to enroll in the course]
    • Enrollment password [students will need this to enroll in the course]
    • Choose at least one subject area
    • Choose at least one student area
    • Class end date -- be sure to set a date that extends past the time you will want to interact with this assignment
Class settings

Create a Paper Assignment

  1. Open the created class
  2. Click on the add assignment buttonAss Assignment button
  3. Complete the details for the assignment
    • Provide an assignment title and point value
    • Select type of file submissions
    • Provide start date, due date and post date (date students can first review instructor feedback)
  1. (Optional) - By default, papers submitted to this assignment will be checked against all of the Turnitin databases. To create a custom search or view other advanced assignment options, click Optional settings.
  2. Click Submit
Create assignment window

Create a PeerMark Assignment

  1. Click on the add assignment buttonAss Assignment button
  2. Choose PeerMark Assignment.
  3. Click Next Step
PeerMark setup
  1. Choose the previously created paper assignment as the base assignment for the peer review.
  2. Provide a title for the Peer Review Assignment
  3. Write description - these are the instructions the students will receive in an email
  4. Provide a point value for the peer review part of the assignment.
  5. Select Start and End dates for the Peer Review
  6. Save and Continue.
Peer Review assignment settings

Distribute Assignment for Peer Evaluation

  1. Click on the Edit link to adjust the number of papers each student will have to review. [Default is 1 paper automatically distributed by PeerMark]
Edit Distribution settings
  1. Determine if you want students to select any of the papers they review. [0 for Turnitin automatic distribution]
  2. Select if you would like students to write a self-review which uses the same free response and scale questions for peer review.
  3. After editing, click Save.
  4. Click Save and Continue.
Distribution settings window

Provide Questions to Guide Student Review

  1. Provide instructions to precede the review questions. Let the students know what you want them to do with the review questions.
  2. Choose the type of questions for the student review.
    • Free Response type:  "What is the thesis of the paper?"
    • Scale type: "How accurate are the calculations in the paper? [not very to very on a scale of 1 to 5]
Questions can also be saved to a library for reuse

  1. Click Save and Finish after you have added your questions.

PeerMark Question setup

Students Course Enrollment and Assignment Access

  1. Share the course identifer (#) and enrollment passcode with students.
  2. Students will login to after obtaining their password (See: Accessing the website)
  3. Students will use the identifier and passcode to enroll in the course
  4. From here, the students will be able to view the Paper assignment and PeerMark assignment.

Instructor Assessment and Feedback - PeerMark Assignments

  • After the start date of the PeerMark assignment has passed, the instructor can review which paper students have reviewed or are currently reviewing by clicking on the View link next to the PeerMark assignment
View papers in review
  • Instructors can view the reviews completed by an individual student by clicking the Show details link next to student name.
Show details
  • Instructors can edit student grades for the PeerMark assignment in the inbox by selecting Edit Grades and enter new grade and Save Grades.
Edit Grades
  • Instructors can write a review of a student PeerMark assignment by selecting Write instructor review under the More Actions dropdown menu.
Write instructor review
  • PeerMark allows users to comment directly on a paper within a review using the PeerMark Tools Palette which can be accessed by clicking Tools on the PeerMark toolbar.
Tools meu
  • The Tools palette contains two commenting tools and several composition marks that instructors can use in revieiwng and editing their students' papers.
Tools Palette

  • Instructors may grade the reviews written by the students if the option award full points for written review is not selected. Click to View the PeerMark assignments then in More Actions, select Read all reviews student submitted. Submit a grade for the student.
Submit Grade
If you have questions, please contact the TTC at 608.342.1798 or

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