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Collaborative Integration - Office 365 Migration

CITS has scheduled the migration of Office 365 from Colleges accounts to UW-Platteville accounts to begin Wednesday, Apr. 24. This process is expected to run through Sunday, Apr. 28. This document identifies what is included and what is not and offers guidelines to ensure the smoothest transition possible.

The Office 365 migration from Colleges (uwc) to UW-Platteville (uwplatt) includes the following:
In addition, your VoIP voicemail will be set to send to your UW-Platteville account on Wednesday, Apr. 24.  Post-migration, your phone's wallpaper will display your respective new campus logo. See more info in the pre-migration checklist below.

Not included

The Office 365 migration DOES NOT INCLUDE the following, which will be migrated as ITS takes responsibility for these services this summer:
  • Home directories
  • Printers
  • Work stations


With any technical change, it is best to expect the unexpected.  With a migration of this size, there will be some amount of "clean-up" when it is over.  We can, however, alleviate some of the potential issues by being prepared and planning ahead.

Pre-migration checklist

Prior to Wednesday, Apr. 24, please...
  • Copy inbox rules; inbox rules will not migrate. 
  • Copy shares/permissions for calendars, files, folders, and accounts; shares and permissions will not migrate. Take a screenshot of the shared screen that lists whom you've shared each item with and their permissions or jot the information down for later reference.
  • Copy safe senders or know that safe sender list will need to be repopulated; safe senders lists will not migrate.
  • Export (or make note of) your signature in Outlook Web App only (Outlook desktop client should be ok for now)
  • Set up UW-Platteville account (if you have not already done so)
    • Set time zone:  Office 365 - Changing Time Zone
    • Set work hours (if applicable)
    • Update signature -  You may want to include a note that this address is your new address and ask that they update their address books.  Your Colleges account will automatically forward to the Platteville account, but at some point this service will end. 
NOTE: Links and bookmarks to files in OneDrive/SharePoint will break; you will have to recreate them after the migration is completed.

Once migration begins and until it is completed (expected: Sunday, Apr. 28)

Once the migration begins, ITS strongly recommends that you use your UW-Platteville account exclusively.  This will reduce the risk of content being duplicated or lost during the migration.  During the migration, you may continue to send and receive email, create new calendar events, or collaborate on items created in UW-Platteville's OneDrive.

Your Colleges account will be accessible until the migration is completed; however, it is best to limit activity within the Colleges account to view-only.

Things to do (or not) in Office 365

  • Reconfigure your OneDrive and Outlook desktop clients to your UW-Platteville account.
  • UNTIL THE MIGRATION IS COMPLETE, avoid making changes to existing folders, messages, and files IN EITHER ACCOUNT.
    • Do not move or delete messages.
    • Do not rename or delete folders.
    • Do not change folder permissions.
    • Creating a new folder or file in your UW-Platteville account is ok, but avoid using the same name as an existing file or folder in your Colleges account.

Other things to know about Office 365

  • All forwarding from UW-Platteville to Colleges accounts will STOP on Wednesday, Apr. 24. (This function will be disabled by the system admin prior to the migration.)
  • Mail delivered to your Colleges account during the migration will be migrated to UW-Platteville by the end of the migration.
  • When the migration is complete, a forward will be set up from Colleges to UW-Platteville. Your Colleges account will not be directly accessible to you after the migration.
  • Links and bookmarks to files in OneDrive/SharePoint will break; you will have to recreate them after the migration is completed.

VoIP telephones and voicemail

  • Your voicemail will be set to deliver to your Platteville account on Wednesday, Apr. 24.
  • No voicemail should be lost; however, voicemail files delivered to your Colleges account will not forward to your UW-Platteville account until the email is migrated.
  • ITS recommends using your phone as your primary method of checking voicemail during the migration to ensure you do not miss a message.
  • Because of how the technology works (voicemail-to-email integration as well as Office 365-to-Office 365 migration), you may end up with duplicate messages in your Platteville account, and previously-deleted messages may reappear. You will need to delete them again.
  • Your new campus logo will appear on your VoIP phone’s display!

After the migration

COMING SOON: Post-migration checklist

When the migration is completed, you will use your UW-Platteville account exclusively going forward. Your Colleges account will automatically forward to your UW-Platteville account but will no longer be accessible to you.

NOTE: In addition to re-sharing files, folders, and calendars, you may need to:
  • Update invitee addresses in calendar events, particularly recurring events. Calendar events should transfer, but they will utilize the addresses in use at the time the event was created, i.e. Colleges addresses.  For one-time meetings in the near future, this may not have a big impact.  For events farther out and for recurring events, you will want to change any Colleges addresses to UW-Platteville addresses to avoid issues down the line.
Updated April 22, 2019 at 3:51 p.m.
If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.

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