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The Turnitin product suite is a well-recognized, online system for evaluating student work and discouraging plagiarism in an academic setting. 

 Originality Check 

Turnitin Originality Check is a web-based system that allows student papers to be submitted and checked for plagiarism. It compares student papers with sources available on the Internet, select commercial article databases, and papers submitted at Whitewater and other institutions that use Originality Check. After submitting, an Originality Report is generated for each paper, and the report identifies the matches that the system made, which can then be investigated. This system can help to eliminate the abuse of the Internet as a research tool and may minimize its potentially negative impact on the development of quality reading, writing, and research skills.

Instructors can set up Originality Checking with by creating an External Tool/Turnitin Assignment in Canvas 

Turnitn Assignment Settings

Optional LTI Settings


Instructors can use GradeMark to grade student's written work (e.g., papers, essays, thesis, PowerPoint files), non-written work (images, videos, music files), or work not submitted to a Turnitin assignment (speeches, presentations, performances, or works of art). For student papers, instructors can add comments within the body of the paper, point out grammar and punctuation mistakes, evaluate the paper against qualitative or quantitative rubrics, assess the student's performance within the class and enter a grade for the paper.


PeerMark is an online, peer evaluation tool that allows students to read, review, and evaluate one or many papers submitted by their classmates. Student papers can be distributed so that all the students are able to read the comments left on their work. A PeerMark assignment evaluation may be anonymous or attributed as determined by the instructor.



Instructors who would like more information or assistance with any of the Turnitin suite of products should contact the Teaching and Technology Center  If you are using Turnitin within Canvas, please contact Canvas 24/7 Support.  Students with questions or concerns regarding the Turnitin Suite should contact Canvas 24/7 Support.


Integrations Known Issues


Turnitin Support




Quick start guides

Instructor quick start guide

Student quick start guide

Administrator quick start guide

How do you use the Canvas Plagiarism Framework?

Canvas Plagiarism Framework Student

Canvas Plagiarism Framework Teacher



Canvas External Tool - Student

Turnitin Website - Student

Canvas Plagiarism - Student


Canvas Plagiarism - Teacher

Canvas External Tool - Teacher

Turnitin Website - Teacher



Canvas is one of several integrations that Turnitin can be used with. It is available in two forms - Canvas Plagiarism Framework, which is fully integrated with Turnitin and more geared to plagiarism detection, and the external LTI tool which allows fuller access to Feedback Studio.


UW-Platteville Turnitin Policy

Plagiarism Students are expected to do their own work unless advised that collaboration is acceptable. This means that you may use facts from other sources if you re-write them in your own words. Anytime you quote directly from another source or paraphrase substantially, you must cite the source you used. When you take a test, you are expected to keep your eyes on your own paper and protect your test paper from being copied by a classmate.

Failure to use proper citation procedures is considered plagiarism. Plagiarism will result in a grade of "0" if it is flagrant and/or deliberate. Copying from another person's paper or test is academic dishonesty and will result in a grade of "0" for that assignment. In addition, you will be referred to student services for discipline based on college policy.

Using Turnitin

UW-Platteville utilizes a plagiarism prevention service from Turnitin. This service, hosted in California, is employed to protect the integrity of a class assignment as well as student original work. We accept submissions in these formats: MS Word, WordPerfect, RTF, PDF, PostScript, HTML, and plain text (.txt) How does the service work Faculty submit students' papers electronically to Turnitin, where the papers are checked against the Turnitin database which comprises of several generations of Internet documents, published work in commercial databases, and student submitted papers to determine the originality of the work. A report comes back with a score indicating how likely the paper is to be original work, including the sources of matches found.

If the matching source is determined to be from a paper authored by another student, the faculty may then request a copy of the original paper to review. To do this, the faculty who is reviewing the paper would seek permission from the faculty whose student’s work was listed as a source. Permission must be granted before the paper is released.

How we use the service at UW-Platteville

Their instructors notify students in advance for assignments that will be checked for plagiarism using this service. Submitted papers are stored in the service’s database as a protection of the intellectual property of the original author. However, upon a special request from the institution, a specific paper can be removed from the database. Student names do not have to be attached to papers. Instructors will remove names on the documents to preserve the privacy of students.

Privacy & Copyright

Turnitin abides by strict privacy policy to protect sensitive data. Student information and papers are secured digitally through industry-standard SSL encryption and physically through stringent security measures at Turnitin’s facilities. Turnitin does not require student names to be associated with submitted papers.


Privacy Pledge, Security, FAQ on FERPA, COPA and other compliance Statements


Contact Information - Teaching and Technology Center

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