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When you create a grading scheme in Canvas, it is possible to sync your final course grades from the Canvas Gradebook to PASS at the end of the term. In PASS, you can review the grades before submitting them to the Registrar. Grades do not officially get submitted until you log into PASS and approve them.

Important Notes before beginning Grade Passback. 

Not adhering to these instructions will negatively affect your grade sync to PASS.

  1. Do not use the D-minus (D-) grade in your Canvas grade scheme. At UW-Platteville, we do not have a D-minus grade. Even though in your Canvas gradebook scheme, it is possible to set a D-minus, do not use it and do not pass a D-minus grade from Canvas to PASS.
  2. Numerical grades (or EX) need to be entered in each column. Dashes in the columns do not count toward the final grade. Make sure 0's are entered or an excused is marked (EX).
  3. Remove the Test Student from the Gradebook. If you do not remove the Test Student BEFORE you sync your grades, there will be an error code that persists even after the grade passback sync has been successfully completed

The Grade Passback process involve three steps:

  1. Apply a grading scheme in Canvas
  2. Remove Test Students and sync grades to PASS
  3. View and approve grades in PASS
Below you will find detailed instructions on how to complete these steps.

Step 1: Apply a grading scheme in Canvas

Before you can sync your grades from Canvas to PASS, you need to apply a grade scheme in Canvas. It is important that your grade scheme does not use the D-minus (D-) grade. [Note that all other +/- grades are allowable.] Every semester, you will have to apply the grading scheme to each course you teach. After the grading scheme has been applied and the sync process has been completed in Canvas, you will still need to log into PASS to verify grades were synced and to complete the grading process.

To apply the grading scheme, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Canvas and select the course
  2. Click Settings from the Course Navigation menu (found at the bottom of the menu)
Canvas Navigation Menu
  1. Make sure you are on the Course Details tab
Course Details Tab - Settings Menu
  1. Scroll down to Grading Scheme and check box for Enable course grading scheme
Enable Grading Scheme
  1. Click Set grading scheme. A window opens displaying the default grading scheme
    • The Canvas default grading scheme includes a D-minus. This grade will not sync with PASS. You will either need to create your own grading scheme or make an adjustment to the default grading scheme.
    • You can use the edit pencil icon to make adjustments to the default grading scheme (i.e. eliminate the D-minus grade)
    • If you want to create your own grading scheme, select manage grading schemes at the bottom right and +Add grading scheme. After saving, navigate back to Settings and then set grading scheme to follow the next steps to apply.
Grading scheme window
  1. Click Select Another Scheme (top right)
  2. Select the grading scheme to use
  3. Scroll down and select Use This Grading Standard
  1. Click Done
  2. On the Settings page, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Update Course Details

Update Course Details

For more details on creating grading schemes in Canvas, see:

Step 2: Remove Test Student, Verify Grades and Sync to PASS

If you have used the Student View Canvas has created a Test Student in your Gradebook. This should be removed before synching your grades with PASS.

Remove Test Student in single section courses (see below if your courses are cross-listed in Canvas)

  1. Click Settings from course navigation menu
  2. Choose the Section tab
Sessions tab - Settings
  1. Click on the hyperlink for your course section (If you have more than one section, you must check and remove Test Student from all sections)
  2. Find the "Student, Test" under "Current Enrollments"
Test Student in Current Enrollments
  1. Placing the cursor over the Student,Test will reveal a red delete button to the right of the name
  2. Click the delete button to Remove user from course

Remove Test Student in Canvas in a course with cross-listed sections

  1. Click Settings from course navigation menu
  2. Choose the Section tab
Course Sections Tab
  1. Click on the hyperlink for your course section.
  2. Click the Edit Section button to the right
Edit Section Button
  1. Scroll down to find the "Student, Test" under "Current Enrollments"

Scroll to Student, Test

  1. Placing the cursor over Student, test will reveal a red delete button to the right of the name.
  2. Click the delete button to Remove user from course, then scroll back up and click the Update section button to save it.
  3. Repeat for additional sections that contain Student, Test in enrollments

Update Section button

Verify Canvas Grades

Before you sync your grades to PASS, verify your letter grades are associated with percentages by clicking Grades and opening the Canvas Gradebook and doing a quick review. When you log into PASS, you should change any F grade that resulted from non-attendance to an X before setting your grade roster to Ready for Review. 

Sync Canvas Grades to PASS

  1. When your grades are ready to be synced to PASS from Canvas, go to the Grades tab, select the Actions dropdown and click Sync to PASS
Sync to PASS in action window

  1. If you are sure you are ready to sync your grades, click Sync Now to complete the grading sync to PASS
    • A green outlined dialogue box will appear at the top of your grades page stating “We have received your request to synchronize grades. After the grades are processed, you should see them in PASS.”
    • If your grades haven’t shown up in PASS after 15 minutes, check the Grade Sync icon for Failed syncing. If there is a fail, make sure you applied the grading scheme correctly and try again.
    • If you get an error message here, it may be because the Registrar's office has not yet created the Grade Rosters. Grade Passback can only be used for final grades after the rosters have been created in PASS.

Step 3: View and approve grades in PASS

You must log into PASS to verify grades were synched and to complete the grading process. For more information on approving grades in PASS, see PASS - Submitting Final Grades (9.2)

If you have questions, please contact the TTC at 608.342.1798 or

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