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Canvas - How to submit a Kaltura Video Assignment

This page is intended to show the two ways a student can submit a Kaltura video assignment in Canvas.

Submitting an Embedded Kaltura Video via Text Box

For this type of video submission, you are embedding a Kaltura video directly into the assignment submission text box editor.

  1. Open up the assignment and click on the Submit Assignment button.
    Submit Assignment button circled at top of assignment page
  2. Click on the blue, v-shaped More External Tools button above the text box.
    The More External Tools option is circled on the Rich Content Editor options
  3. Select the My Media option in the dropdown menu.
    My Media in More Tools menu
  4. Click the Select button to the right of the video you wish to use.
    Select button circled
  5. After the video pops into the text box, click Submit Assignment below it.
    Submit button circled

Download & Submit Kaltura Recording as a Media File into an Assignment Dropbox

For this type of submission, you are downloading your Kaltura video as an .mp4 file so that you can upload the file into an assignment dropbox.

  1. Go to My Mediaon the left navigation menu within your Canvas course.
  2. Click on the pencil-shaped Edit button to the right of your video. (Alternatively, you can open the video itself, click on the Actions dropdown menu to the bottom-right of the video, and click Edit.)
    Step 1 MyMedia & Step 2 pencil icon for the edit option is circled
  3. Open the Downloads tab.
  4. Check the Source box under Available Formats.
  5. Click Save, and then the Go to Media link next to it.
    Download options, source toggle and save buttons circled and labeled Steps 3, 4, 5 respectively
  6. Click on the blue Details button below the video, select Download from the dropdown menu, and on the Download icon to save your video file.
    The download options and download icons are circled.
  7. Open up the link to the assignment you wish to submit and click on the Submit Assignment button.
  8. Select the Media tab.
    Media tab is circled
  9. Click on Record/Upload Media. When the popup window appears, select the Upload Media tab.
    Upload Media and Select Video File options circled
  10. Click Select Video File and select the video file you downloaded in step 6. It should be in an .mp4 file format.
  11. Once the video finishes uploading, the popup box will disappear. After this happens, click Submit Assignment.
    Submit assignment button is circled

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