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Residence Hall Card Access FAQ

An FAQ covering issues related to the card access system in the residence halls as well as passport funds.

♦ How do I manage Passport funds?

    •  You will need login to your account here:

♦ What do I do if I lose my card or if it is stolen?

•  You will need to get a new card with the necessary hall access encoded.  Before you start that process, you should go online to to disable your BlackBoard account if you have money on your card.  You can then go to the Pioneer Passport office for a new card.  If they are not open, please see your RD for a temporary card.  In both cases, they will remind you of the steps necessary to complete the process of getting a new card. 

♦   Who do I see if my card doesn't work?

•   Much like a lost card, you should visit the Pioneer Passport office or your RD.  Since you are still in possession of the card, you will not need to disable your BlackBoard account.

♦   Do I need to do anything other than check out if I move off campus at the end of the academic year?  What if I move during the academic year?

•   You do not need to do anything other than the normal room check-out process at the end of the year when your access will be automatically disabled.

•    If you move off campus during the year, your RD will need to disable your card access when you check out.

♦   What do I do if I move between halls during the year?  Will I have access to both halls during the move?

•    Your new RD will add access to your new hall.  Eventually your change of address will automatically reset your access to the new hall.  You will continue to have access to the hall you are moving from for 24 hours to help facilitate the move.

♦   If I leave my card at home and my parents mail it to me, what can I do in the meantime?

•    Your RD will have a limited number of temporary cards that can be checked out to you until you receive your card from home.  The temporary card will have a limited life so remind your parents to mail the card as soon as possible.  Please remember to return the temporary card to your RD even if it has been disabled. 

♦   How do I access a building if I don’t live there?

•    Normal visitor access rules will remain in place.

♦   If I need to reset or replace my card, what information do I need to provide?

•    You will need to provide first, middle and last names as well as the name of the hall to access, EMPL ID and campus ID


♦   Is there a fee for a lost or damaged card?

•    Yes.  The first card replacement is free.  After that, each replacement card will cost $10.00.


♦   Where do I report money missing from my account?

•  You should report the money missing from your account to the Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  A service ticket will be issued and someone will be in touch with you to resolve the situation.


♦   Who do I report suspected misuse of cards to?

•    You should report suspected misuse of cards to the Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  A service ticket will be issued and someone will be in touch with you to resolve the situation.

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