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PASS CX - Plan by My Requirements

Instructions on how to use the Student Planner through PASS. Plan your courses from first term to graduation; modify at any time.

The Plan by My Requirements page is very similar to Degree Progress in HCX, in that you can add courses to your planner through either page; however, Plan by My Requirements is currently the only way to generate the Planner AAR PDF.  You may use this page solely to run the PDF and use Degree Progress to add courses to the planner. (See #12 below)

1. Log into PASS CX.

2. In the PASS CX Dashboard, click on the Enrollment menu to expand it.


3. Click on Plan by My Requirements

Plan By My Requirements Menu Item

4.  Your Planner Academic Advisement Report will come up.  

IMPORTANT: The Planner AAR is different from the regular Degree Progress AAR in the CX Academics menu because it includes courses you have in your planner.  

5.  Requirement groups, the light blue bars, are groups of requirements.  They are collapsed if they are satisfied with either completed, in progress, or planned courses.  You may click on the arrows on the left to expand these groups to see how the requirements within are fulfilled.

Requirement Groups

Expanded Requirement Groups

NOTE: The Status indicates if the course was Taken, is In Progress or Planned.  A key for these symbols is at the top of the page for future reference.


6.  Expanded groups indicate the requirements are Not Satisfied, and this status will appear on the requirement.

7. To add a course to the planner, select a course by clicking on the blue name. 

NOTE: Gen Eds often don't have their list of possible courses printing since the list is so long.  Courses can be added to the planner through Class Search, where Gen Eds can also be searched for through the search filters.  Click on the three dots to the right of a course and choose Add to Planner.

Plan By My Requirements

9. From this page, the class can be added to the planner by clicking Add to planner.  A message indicating the course "has been added to your Planner" will appear. 
Add to Planner

Add course confirmation

11.  Courses are entered into your Unassigned term in your Planner.  You may move these to a specific future term.  See 101427 

12.  Click View Report as PDF to generate the PDF version of the Planner AAR.

View as PDF

13.  Remember, the Planner AAR includes planned courses, so requirements can appear satisfied by a planned course.  The header on the Planner is different from the regular AAR, and a course that is planned will have a Type of PL in the Course chart within the requirement details.

The Planner AAR header says Student Self Service Plan & Search by Requirements, and directly beneath, "Planner Report - CAUTION: INCLUDES PLANNED COURSES", as to not be confused with the regular AAR or the What-If AAR.  What this means is the Planner AAR includes courses that you entered into your Planner and also courses in progress, so if you never enroll in a planned course, or if drop or fail an in progress course, a Requirement Group may no longer be fulfilled, so it's important to check your regular AAR every term.

Planner AAR Header

A Planned course that is satisfying a requirement will have a Type of PL

Planned Course - Type of PL

IMPORTANT - if you are running your Academic Requirements Report through the Planner, be sure to delete courses you planned to take in past terms, but did not end up completing them.  They will continue to appear on your Planning AAR and falsely fulfill requirements.

If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.

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