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Cable TV - Setting Up a TV and Scanning for Channels

A guide for setting up your TV and scanning to find channels. Across all brands the steps are similar, although may not be the same. Please check the owner’s manual or your TV manufacturer's online documentation for the exact procedure.

What are digital channels?

UW-Platteville provides a 60 channel lineup that will take advantage of your HD TV's ability to bring a higher picture quality with some HD channels (channel must provide). The old system was standard definition; the new cable system is digital, bringing TV programming over the fiber infrastructure and better viewing experience.

How will I connect to the digital channels?

First, your TV must have a QAM tuner. Most new TVs will come equipped with a QAM tuner. To determine which TVs come equipped with a QAM tuner, consult Cable TV - TV Manufacturers with QAM and Digital Conversion Boxes. However, TVs bought on big sale days like a Black Friday may not. If your TV has a QAM tuner, please follow the below directions. NOTE: These are general directions and models may vary; check the owner's manual for exact procedures. See below for specific instructions for Vizio, Samsung, Westinghouse, LG, or Sony models.

General Instructions

1. Connect TV to the wall plate with coaxial cable connector as seen below.

Back of TV and wall plate

2. Power on the TV

3. Push the Menu button on the TV. Multiple tabs should appear.

4. Select Set-Up or Settings

5. Select Antenna and then Cable. Alternatively, there may be an option called Channels or System

6. Select Scan Channels, Program Channels, Auto Scan, Auto Program, or Auto Tune, depending on the TV.

7. Select OK, Select, or Enter to start the scan

Note: Some of the wording within menus may differ depending on the brand of TV. The basic function is to perform an auto program, auto tune, channel scan or auto scan on your TV to receive the new digital TV channels.

Adding HD Channels to VIZIO

1. With your VIZIO remote, make sure you have the “TV” input selected and press the input button.

2. Press the MENU button and the TV’s menu should appear. Using the arrow keys (the keys surrounding the OK, Menu, or Logo button on the remote), navigate until you find the TV TUNER MENU

3. Use the arrow keys to highlight Tuner Mode, which should be the first option on the menu. Select Cable (for any cable or coaxial connection).

4. Once the option is highlighted, you should be able to change it using the arrows. Once you confirm that the Tuner Mode is set correctly, highlight the Auto Search option, press the right arrow, and your TV will scan for all available channels. Let it finish completely. The scan usually takes 5-10 minutes.

5. Once the scan is complete, you should be able to surf channels normally with the HD channels available as well.

Adding HD Channels to Samsung

1. Open the TV’s menu and select Channel Setup or Channels

2. Select the Auto Store or Automatic Scan option by scrolling with the channel buttons. Press the Enter button to begin the scan. The TV will scan for all available channels including HD.

3. Once complete, the HD channels should be available.

Adding HD Channels to Westinghouse

1. First, you must determine whether or not your model has a QAM tuner. There are two tuner types: QAM and ATSC.

a. QAM – The one that our system requires. QAM is used strictly for digital cable. However, its use isn't mandated, so TV manufacturers have the option of using it or leaving it out. You have to check to see if the specific TV set has the proper tuner.

b. ATSC – This tuner is NOT supported, as it doesn’t use digital. If you don’t have the QAM tuner, you can either return the TV set for one that has the correct tuner or get the digital adapter.

To determine your TV's tuner type, either consult the owner's manual or find the model number of your TV (likely located on the back of the unit) and use it to search online for Westinghouse's documentation. 

2. If you have found that your model has a QAM tuner, push the Menu button on the TV set and choose Cable/Antenna set up. Select whichever option your TV is using.

3. After making the selection, there should be a menu function for channel auto-scan. Select Auto-Scan, which will send the set into auto channel mode. This could take up to 30 minutes. Alternatively, some models require contacting Westinghouse for an activation code. Please contact their customer service for help in adding HD channels.

5. If the auto-scan function exists and completes successfully, the auto-scan message disappears and the HD channels should be present.

Adding HD Channels to LG

1. Press Menu on the remote control/TV set.

2. Select Setup on the menu and press OK.

3. Select Auto-Tuning and press OK.

4. Select Start and then press OK.

5. The television will begin to search all available bands for channels. You don’t have to choose if you are using cable or antenna as the TV searches for both OTA analog and digital signals.

Adding HD Channels to Sony

1. Press Menu on the remote control/TV set.

2. Select Setup on the menu and press OK.

3. Press ENTER and you should see an option to scan the available channels for cable.

4. Select Start and then press OK.

5. Once completed, the HD channels should be present.

If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.

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